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How You Could Keep It In The Family

Will you be forced to sell your home to pay for your care?

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C. Oag, October 2013

“We now feel confident that our estate, will be dealt with efficiently and according to our wishes on our demise”
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K.Arnott, September 2013

Every year tens of thousands of people are forced to sell their home to pay for residential care because they are no longer able to live independently. Many thousands more are unable to pass their home on to their children because the Local Authority has taken a charge over it to be paid on their death.

How much of your estate are you prepared to lose?

With the threshold for state support set at just £14,250, almost everything you have is at risk. Anyone that owns their home, or has more than a minimum amount of savings faces the prospect that practically everything they have worked for could be taken away from them if they are unable to care for themselves in later life. Half of men and a third of women require some form long term care ISAs, Premium Bonds, Bank and Building Society Accounts, Shares, National Savings, OEICS and similar savings and investments are all at risk.

How long will your savings last?

The average cost of residential care is £2716 per month and this figure is expected to double over the next twenty years. In fact, many people in the south of England already pay £5000 or more each month for their care.

Have you paid a mortgage for most of your working life only to have
your home taken from you in your last few years?

Do you think it is fair?

If you are one of the millions that think the system is unfair and that it penalises those that work hard to provide for their future and for that of their loved ones, we have the solution. To find out how we have helped thousands of people around the country to protect their families click below.

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