Don’t let your charitable gift go to waste

Don’t let your charitable gift go to waste

It is a sad fact that a number of gifts to charity in Wills fail because simple checks about the charity are not carried out. 

If you are thinking of leaving a gift to charity you need to be sure that the organisation actually is a charity. One way of doing this is by checking the Charity Commission Register although the fact that an organisation does not appear on the register is not necessarily a guarantee that it is not charitable, so further checks will need to be made. For example, campaigning organizations will not normally have charitable status but many have set up charitable trusts to receive legacies.
From an inheritance tax point of view it is important that the organization is a charity otherwise there is no exemption from the tax.
If you would like to leave a gift to the local branch of your charity rather than the central organisation as a whole you will need to check whether the local branch is a separate entity which is capable of receiving gifts in its own right. Some branches are. If that is possible then consider what would happen to the funds used for the local branch if it ceased to exist, for example.
And although you might want a charity to use a gift for a specific purpose it is better not to state a particular purpose for the gift because it allows the charity flexibility to use the funds in the area they need to use it most.
Food for thought anyway! Should you wish to make a gift to charity in your Will we can advise you on all aspects of charitable giving.

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